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August 31, 2021

fall wedding details

Incorporating Fall Details & Décor into an Autumn Wedding

Fall is right around the corner! Our team is so excited about the change in season and the inspiration it brings to our clients! With the passing of summer, it’s time to put away those light tones for a while and enter into the deeper, moody shades! Fall and autumn weddings are a time for couples to host immersive weddings with cozy and romantic details. Some of these immersive details include color scheme, lighting, tablescapes, and even menu options! Interested in hosting a fall wedding? Continue to read as we share ways of incorporating fall details and décor into an autumn wedding. 

Incorporating Fall Details and Decor into an Autumn Wedding

Selecting the Right Color Scheme for Fall Wedding

When you are hosting a fall wedding and want to incorporate the right details, you want to begin with a color scheme! The right color scheme will instantly set the tone for your wedding and quickly showcase your vibe and inspiration. Once it’s time to select your color scheme, consider which colors in general you are drawn to, and then choose the deep version of that color! For example, if you and your partner like the color green or yellow, consider choosing an emerald green or rich mustard yellow! Likewise, consider selecting a warm ivory tone instead of a bright white as fall is known as a romantic and warm undertones. 

Popular fall wedding colors: Rustic orange, mustard yellow, indigo blue, black, amber, plum, sage green, emerald, burgundy, garnet, and more! 

Ways to Incorporate Your Fall Wedding Colors

After you and your partner have chosen your wedding colors, it’s time to start incorporating those tones! For couples who hire a wedding planner or wedding designer, this will be part of the design process, however, it’s never too early to start dabbling in the design yourself! One way you can incorporate your fall wedding colors is through tablescape and table design. For example, rustic orange or mustard yellow napkins and pairing with dark blue or amber goblets. Another tablescape idea is adding fall fruits including berries and figs in arrangements to add texture and diversity to the tables with a subtle fall touch. 

Fashion and wardrobe are equally as important as tablescape and arrangements when hosting a themed event. One way you can incorporate your wedding colors is through your bridal party! Consider selecting mismatched or pattern dresses for the bridal party.  Consider plum, mustard, amber, burnt orange, or keeping the dress clean and incorporating the colors into the bridesmaids bouquets. 

fall wedding colors

Additional Experience Ideas for your Autumn Celebration 

Of course, incorporating fall details into your autumn wedding doesn’t stop at colors! There are so many additional ways and experiences for your event. One of these ways is through food and beverage. Hosting an event is an immersive experience with details that follow through far beyond just sight! Smells, taste, and even touch are equally as important. 

When hosting a fall wedding, be sure to incorporate fall foods in the menu. Some of these items may include pumpkin ravioli, squash and corn for vegetables, or a fall style salad with chestnuts and berries.  No event is complete without a proper drink pairing. This means including fall inspired beverages like pumpkin beer or  adding apples, spices, or berries to signature drinks like a spiced fall sangria. Another beverage idea is offering a cozy chai tea latte alongside coffee during your cake cutting ceremony! Your guests will enjoy having a delicious and seasonal option when it’s chilly outside. 

 Décor and Details to Avoid when Hosting a Fall Wedding

Now that we have  an understanding of the different ways to incorporate fall details into your autumn wedding celebration, these are the details to avoid. When hosting a wedding in seasons like fall or winter, it’s important to fully immerse yourself in these seasons and to put spring and summer details away. Avoid cool tones or tropical colors, as this will detract from the fall feeling. Remember, not everything has to live in those deep fall colors. Subtle touches of color on a classic warm ivory base will send your guests the fall message. 

Unlike hosting a spring or summer wedding, autumn weddings are completely immersive! From color scheme to menu, there are endless ways to stimulate all of the senses. Remember, these are just a few ideas. Hosting a fall wedding can be as on theme as you and your partner want it to be!  If you aren’t interested in having too much color throughout your ceremony and reception, that is okay! Take a subtle approach by hosting  a classic style wedding but adding candlelight or soft yellow lighting.  Additional elements like wood, dark metals, and softer linen help to create the mood as well. These details will make your guests have a cozy fall feeling and send the message of the season in a classic way. 

Ready to start planning your fall wedding? Contact our Central Florida Wedding Planning Team today to get started! 

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