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founder and creative director

get to know rae

I believe in collaborating with my clients

by getting to know them and what makes them unique as individuals and as a couple.

With over 10 years’ experience in production and events, full-service planning and creative design has evolved into a passion of mine. I design with purpose to elevate the small details into something with lasting meaning. I curate every detail with an appreciation of the delicacy of every design, understanding that this is not just a celebration, but a memory you will carry with you for a lifetime. I believe in designing a life with complete fulfillment and meaning.   From a cozy and personal home to a healthy lifestyle, and hosting for friends and family. Inspired by the world and various cultures, taking time to travel and appreciate what I can learn from different countries has become a must and something I incorporate into my event designs. Building a life that allows me to be fully present in my relationships with family, friends, and with my clients is my definition of a fulfilled and meaningful life.

our core values


Authenticity in all places of our approach with our planning and design process. 


Creating intentional and authentic relationships with our clients and vendor partners.


Passion in creating uniquely memorable experiences for our clients that will last a lifetime.


Transparency with our clients in expectations and deliverables.


Efficiency in workflow and dedication to meeting client deadlines and expectations. 

love is love

We believe that all should have the right to celebrate love.